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Dominic Valdes,LCSW, CSAT

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Certified Sex Addiction Therapist

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"I choose to be a therapist because Therapy helped me to see my blind

spots, helped me to see patterns that I had no idea I was repeating,

and helped me to see how I was showing up in my relationships. Until

I started therapy, I was often BLAMING, SHAMING, and unnecessarily

CRITICIZING myself pretty regularly. 

In my own therapy, I learned things like:

                             Perfectionism and where I landed on this spectrum

                             Compartmentalizing Relationships 

                             Boundaries and how to set them

                             Verbalizing my needs and not feeling guilty 

                             Love as my only coping skill

                             Highly Critical Self-Talk     

 My hope is for my clients to have these same aha moments and that I am giving them feedback and tools to do so, but that I am giving them in digestible, loving, and non-judgmental ways. I want for my clients to have a safe space to talk about their challenges and to get genuine, honest feedback always with the goal of helping them to GROW.  

The relationship I have with each and every single client is unique and special in its own way. I learn something from every client I come across - and some of those lessons aren't always easy, but necessary. I have to remain humble and TEACHABLE in order to give my clients the very best support and guidance possible. The moment I sit back and say "I've learned everything I can learn about therapy" is the day that I stop being teachable- a true stunt in my growth as a therapist."


Dominic was a Social Worker for Child Protective Services in 2008 proving crisis intervention services to families and children impacted by the effects of trauma and substance abuse. Interested in helping those impacted by trauma and substance abuse, he continued to work in the capacity of a Social Worker for different departments within the county, including foster care for several years. Wanting to gain a more focused experience in Addiction and Trauma, Dominic began additional work toward certification in Sex Addiction Therapy, became well-versed in LGBTQ-Affirmative Therapy, became certified in several Evidenced-Based Therapies, and trained in the practice of EMDR therapy. Dominic continues to follow his passion and interests through his private practice where he helps those impacted by Sex Addiction, Betrayal, Couple’s Therapy, Men’s Issues, LGBTQ – Related challenges, and many others.


In his free time, Dominic enjoys taking his puppy “Sam” to the park, loves interior designing, and traveling to new places.

Home Office

In-Person Sessions are held in my home-office in Downtown LA.

(Valet Parking is available in the building for about $12)

Home office

Meet Sam! 

Sam is the newest member of my home office; he's a 4 1/2 month old Mini GoldenDoodle. Don't worry, Sam is very respectful of your privacy and will mostly nap in his cozy bed during your session. You are more than welcome to say hello to Sam during your session time - he absolutely LOVES people! 

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